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Alison Anderson (translator)

(photo by Christine Krieg)

Alison Anderson is the author of the novels Hidden Latitudes and Darwin’s Wink. For Europa Editions, she has translated two novels by Sélim Nassib, Tokyo Fiancée by Amélie Nothomb, The Most Beautiful Book in the World by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, and two novels by Muriel Barbery, including the bestselling Elegance of the Hedgehog. She lives near Lausanne, Switzerland.

Alison Anderson on Sèlim Nassib’s I Loved You for Your Voice

"As I was translating I Loved You For Your Voice, getting deeper and deeper
into the two main characters––the narrator, and his muse––I was increasingly
impressed by the author's affection for both of them, however flawed
they are at times as people. We feel genuine compassion for the narrator's
unrequited love. It was very interesting to penetrate the mind of
this man in love––how different his sensibility is from that of Western
men and women! A whole world, often very sensual and exotic, was
revealed to to me as I was translating, and it was very enjoyable to inhabit that mental space over the course of a few months."

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